Understanding Islam courses in 2017 (updated)

N.B. extra courses in Harborne and the Kingston University courses are withdrawn.

The three-day Understanding Islam course is available in the Harborne district of Birmingham on 27-29 May. The one-day ‘UI: the Basics’ course will be offered in the same area on Tuesday 27th June.  There will be a follow-up day for those who have done a UI one-day or three-day course on Wednesday 28th June.

The three-day UI course is available in the Richmond area of SW London from 29 April to 1 May and 24-26 May. It will also be held in Harrow 13-15 October.

The annual Kingston follow-up day will be held on Saturday 28th October.

For more information on all the above, please contact [email protected]

The Ammerdown Centre near Bath will offer the three-day UI course intensively on 24-26 October and at a little more leisurely pace from 1200 on Monday 19th June to 1300 on Friday 23rd June.  Contact: www.ammerdown.org

New video materials for GCSE RS: Islam

A battery of video clips has been added to the GCSE Religious Studies: Islam section of the website. They are extracts from a distance learning course on which I worked a few years ago together with four leading Muslim scholars, from both Sunni and Shi’a schools, who approved the materials and appear periodically giving in-depth insights into some aspects of the beliefs and practices of Islam.  The material is all loaded onto a YouTube channel and available for use in the normal way.  It is suitable for classroom use at the discretion of the teacher.  Each extract is accompanied by a full transcript, which contains not only references from the Qur’an and Hadith but also those references as footnotes in full in a translation especially made for accuracy and comprehensibility by the four scholars involved.  These transcripts can be downloaded as pdf files.

Due to a technical problem, the visual quality of the extracts on prayer, fasting and pilgrimage is not as good as for the others; it is hoped to remedy this as soon as possible.

Please pass on this information to any teachers and others who might benefit from it.