Understanding Islam courses in 2017 (updated)

N.B. extra courses in Harborne and the Kingston University courses are withdrawn.

The three-day Understanding Islam course is available in the Harborne district of Birmingham on 27-29 May. The one-day ‘UI: the Basics’ course will be offered in the same area on Tuesday 27th June.  There will be a follow-up day for those who have done a UI one-day or three-day course on Wednesday 28th June.

The three-day UI course is available in the Richmond area of SW London from 29 April to 1 May and 24-26 May. It will also be held in Harrow 13-15 October.

The annual Kingston follow-up day will be held on Saturday 28th October.

For more information on all the above, please contact [email protected]

The Ammerdown Centre near Bath will offer the three-day UI course intensively on 24-26 October and at a little more leisurely pace from 1200 on Monday 19th June to 1300 on Friday 23rd June.  Contact: www.ammerdown.org

Training for dialogue with Islam

The Catholic Bishops of Germany have a national information, resource and training centre for dialogue with Islam and Muslims, called CIBEDO, in Frankfurt.  I was invited to lead a seminar there in October 2014 to explore “The training of Christian workers for dialogue with Islam.”  The paper was presented in German and will be published by CIBEDO in their quarterly.  The English original can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Understanding Islam course complete

The Understanding Islam course, which comprises forty-six parts, each made up of a 30-minute video talk and an accompanying article, is now complete and uploaded to this website for use freely throughout the world.  It is divided into four series and can be accessed by clicking on the “UI Course” button.  The accompanying articles have been compiled into four collections, each called by the name of the appropriate series, which can be downloaded by clicking on the “Written Resources” button and then “Books.”