Communicating an understanding of Islam

Let me set you a challenge: how would you put together ten sessions to help
secular people with no concept of what religion entails to understand
Christianity? Where would you start? Let’s add to the question: what if the
people followed their own religion and so had some concept of what it is to “be
religious”? Would that make a difference? Finally, what if the people were
Jews or Muslims and so had a direct relationship to Christianity (and maybe
some misperceptions too!). What difference would that make? These questions
help to explore the kind of communication issue with which I have been
struggling for the last twenty years: how to help Christians understand Islam.

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Christians and Muslims towards the future

Christians and Muslims towards the future… This article explores the multi-faith nature of contemporaryBritain, the prophetic role of religions in a liberal democracy and the contribution that Christianity and Islam could make to discussions about the values that should underpin Britain in the 21st century…London stands at the threshold of one of the most exciting periods in its long and varied history. Due to the pattern of migration to this country and the conversion to Islam of Europeans, estimated at 25-40,000 in the UK, London must now be regarded as the third most diverse city in the world in terms of its Muslim population, after only Makka and Madina.

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